Poetry Links:


Jacket Magazine: John Tranter's slick and cool poetry webzine published quarterly. Great if you're into the 'Generation '68' poets such as Tranter, Forbes, Duggan et al and their influences ie. Ashberry, O'Hara, Silliman. The most impressive poetry web site I've seen from one of Australia's finest poets.



Divan: Box Hill Institute Online Poetry Journal published annually. Claims to be the first poetry journal in Australia. Features a diverse range of contemporary Australian poets including some Soup poets.



Philip Salom: Philip Salom's poetry page features some groovy multimedia. Animated gif's in collaboration with Meredith Kidby. His self portrait gif is a hoot!



Alison Croggon: The editor of the exciting new quarterly Masthead has a poetry website that features a number of poems. Lorca influenced her work achieves it's influence, no small feat!


Archives of Masthead are available at:


Collected Works: A real-life bookstore specialising in poetry and ideas run by the incomparable Kris Hemmensley. He has yet to develop a website, but if you have any questions on the availability/composition of Australian poetry he is the one to talk to. He stocks an enormous range of new and out of print books. Please email him with queries:



Performance Poetry: An excellent website run out of New York by celebrated Australian poet Billy Marshall Stoneking. The page has the appearance of a webring but is far more then that rivalling John Tranter's jacket magazine with the quality of the articles, reviews and featured poets. A definite for that favourites folder.

Performance Poetry


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