Soup Publications formed in the middle of 1997 to expand the limited avenues to publications for new poets. Endeavouring to make the work of these poets accessible in terms of quality and price.

SOUP began with a run of limited edition 12 page booklets that sold for $2-5 each and offered the writer full artistic control in terms of a stand alone booklet. Print runs were numbered and limited to 100-300. Available booklets are:

7 poems by Chris Grierson,

May by Kieran Carroll,

Mungo Poems by Brendan Ryan,

Song For The Quartet by Cassie Lewis,

Lament For The Makers by Adrian Rawlins,

A Snail In The Ear Of The Buddha by Claire Gaskin,


Bad Love Poems by Lauren Williams.


In the middle of 1999 SOUP turned its attention to web publishing as it offers quality and accessiblity at a low cost.



'Soup will publish all quality manuscripts submitted in the range of 8-12 pages.'


EMAIL SOUP with submissions and, or queries.


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