Thoughts of a Long Distance Runner


From this narrow ambit where I chase the dreams
that continue to hover and brood over my life
to the constant ocean- this is the pattern right now.
After warm-up I know the rails. Beyond my range,
the world's grown smaller, reducing itself
to this solitary path I've chosen
knowing it means failure, if not soon, then finally.
But running is my life and my will
has evaporated into heavy scheduling,
at my cost. This task of mine
just resembles life, but who knows it so well as I?
I'm not a fool who plots his memoirs.
Nor do I have a special code, it's a middle road
one way or another. But, the air out here-
A friend told me of his almost-spiritual moments;
one involved the moon, the other the sun.
There's madness in it, but the good kind,
if there's a good kind. One must believe, 
yet not expect. I know this is my policy
though I hide it. Can you see the humor here?
No, nor can I- my needs are honed into almost-art.
My moods swing with the weather,
they change. Part concept,
part man, no shame in that.

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